The Xler8tr Course

The Pre-incubation filter

The Xler8tr Course

As unofficial estimates suggest that over 60% of projects in incubation implode for reasons unrelated to the science, the Course is a pre-wash cycle for projects about to enter into incubation and identifies quick win / fast fail projects at a saving of 90% of the cost of an incubation (when the cost of the Course is measured against the cost of an incubation aborted within the 1st year). Those projects that implode during the Course, fail fast at a fraction of the cost incurred in incubation. Those projects that graduate from the Course emerge in a far more business - ready form, and are far less likely to fail in incubation.

The Course is a 6 month part time program with 13 x 3 day modules (one per fortnight) and is provided from our Cambridge campus. Each Course is scalable from 3 to 30 sponsored projects (‘Prospects’) and is built around 4 core areas:

  • Commercial

  • Financial

  • Funding

  • Legal

All Prospects attend the Cambridge campus for 3 days every fortnight for:

  • Formals — lectures, workshops, mentor meetings, progress reports and presentations

  • Informals — mixers, networking and presentations

By the end of the Course each Prospect has produced a commercialisation plan + data room (ready for due diligence) and been provided with a business-wrap . All Prospects are mentored by all our Strategic Partners, leading global advisory businesses (KPMG, Simmons & Simmons, SVB, Marsh, Alacrita), government funded organisations (KTN) + successful domain experts. Graduation involves a series of Pitch Days in front of VC’s, Sponsors, domain experts and others.

The Sponsor, who is charged a fixed fee for their Prospects on the Course, has 6 months to mentor, curate, and investigate the science and really get to know the people in their Prospects. By the end of the Course the Sponsor decides whether to walk away, make an investment or agree a license. For the first 5 months of the Course, the Sponsor retains a period of exclusivity wherein they alone can make an investment in the sponsored entity.

Irrespective of the state of the project on entry, the project upon exit will be or have