Cost Effective Fail Fast / Quick Win


Xamn is a subscription service. The initial subscription period is for 3 months during which likely usage is assessed, and thereafter annually. The first 3 month subscription starts from £4,500 and annual subscriptions start at £18,000 p.a.


The Course

While some flexibility is available on tailoring courses, the standard Course incurs a fixed fee, payable by the Sponsor and covers:

  • All legal and professional costs incurred for the
    • Incorporation of the entity
    • Memorandum & Articles of Association

    • Basic shareholders agreement (for single class of ordinary shares) and allotments

    • Basic employment agreements

    • Insurance

    • Bookeeping + management accounting (1st annual subscription)

    • Migration onto Microsoft 365 (1st annual subscription)

    • Website + digital footprint.

    • Independent report on IP

    • Setting up R&D tax relief (where available).

  • Travel to and from Cambridge campus - from a UK point of entry/exit for each of the 13 modules

  • Room + Board for the duration of each of the 13 modules.

The fixed price for the Course is £100,000 per Prospect, of between 2 and 5 people ('Delegates'). The 6th and subsequent Delegates incur an additional cost of £35,000 per person. There is a minimum commitment of 3 Prospects per Course.