Xamn Database

Access to a £15bn IP portfolio of early stage grant funded research

Xamn - The Xler8tr Database

Xamn is a subscription based service that gives you searchable access to a portfolio of 50,000+, £15bn grant funded early stage projects covering:

  • healthcare

  • pharma

  • diagnostics

  • veterinary

  • devices

  • therapeutics

  • wellbeing

Innovation is the result of a highly iterative process, the start of which is assembling the initial data pool and setting the boundaries of relevance.

Using Xamn gives an immediate and comprehensive top down view on the current need topic. Xamn identifies those projects that may offer relevancy from a £15bn IP Portfolio across 50,000+ early stage projects not currently on the radar. This approach not only drives down the costs of assembling the initial data pool by between 50% and 66%, but also releases scarce resource allowing Xamn clients, to deploy their talent cost effectively on the iterative process, rather than on the initial data assembly.

Whether your search is broad focus such as spirochete infections, or more narrow focus such as Lyme Borreliosis arthritis, Xamn identifies the best of breed early stage grant funded research around the subject, and can be used to drill down further for example to find out who the project leader is and when the project is going to require further funding.

Si putas cognitionis sumptuosus.......gustus ignorantia


To find out more about Xamn please follow this link to the Xamn website