Life Sciences, Consumer Healthcare, Well Being

Building a successful pipeline requires diversity and volume (without sacrificing quality) at the early stage for life science, healthcare, pharma, diagnostics, veterinary, devices, therapeutics and well being companies


Xamn is a unique database which holds the details on over 50,000 early stage grant funded projects. With Xamn you can quickly identify the science that interests you from a 15bn* IP portfolio with needlepoint accuracy, long before they appear on your radar, your competitors' radar or the Technical Transfer Offices' radar.

Once your early stage pipeline is populated (whether sourced through Xamn or otherwise) to deliver added value it requires a cost effective method of identifying quick win / fast fail projects before they enter incubation. This is what we do in the Xler8tr Course.


The Xler8tr Course

The Xler8tr Course is designed to put a business wrap around projects that are about to enter incubation. The Course is run from our Cambridge campus, in conjunction with our strategic partners - some of the leading global advisory businesses.

  • incorporate the entity and transfer the creative and IP rights from the promoters into the entity

  • conduct an IP audit and set up R&D tax relief

  • create a digital presence and commercial website

  • put in place a basic legal infrastructure and governance

  • create a zero cost, independent and transportable accounting, legal and IT infrastructure

  • introduce the project team to essential business metrics and help manage their expectations

Even when there are absolutely no commercials in place at the start of the Xler8tr Course, by graduation (a series of 'pitch days') each project will have a commercialisation plan together with a data room ready for due diligence.

Whether the projects are sourced through your own innovation portal or through Xamn, by using the Xler8tr Course as a 'pre-wash cycle' for those projects you are considering for entry onto your incubation program, you will be able to fast fail those projects that would have imploded during incubation (for non-science reasons) at a saving of £1.9million per project**. Those projects emerging from the Xler8tr Course and entering incubation are considerably more robust and business ready, thereby reducing the chances of failure for any other reason apart from the science.



*UK Government has, through Research Councils UK, made available in excess of £15bn by way of grants to early stage biological, medical, healthcare and well being research since 2008

**When comparing the starting cost for entry into an incubation program against the cost of the Xler8tr Course